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According to Inside Higher Ed, almost 1/3 of all college students change their major during their time in studies. A change in such majors average $29,507 in costs, as reported by Student Loan Hero sources. NBC News shared on a new study that shows U.S. teens are responding " I don't know" when asked what they want to be when they grow up. This is just a brief insight into the struggles of many who are trying to find their right career path. My passion is to be able to close this gap and help youth early in this career exploration process. By diving into a personal development program where we focus on individual strengths, interests, and personalities, we can come up with a clearly defined path for your success!

So, I ask you know what you want your future career to be? If not, then this program is for you! Let's found out together!

My background....

Not so long ago, I was sitting in my guidance counselor's office at school and was hoping for some light bulb to go off so I knew what my next step was. Applying for colleges was on the very near horizon and I had NO idea what direction I wanted to go in. My exposure of careers was surrounded by my parents, my friends parents, and those well-known jobs (such as doctors, firefighters, veterinarians) get the gist. All I knew was that I wanted to continue learning. After some conversations and soul searching, I came upon my dream job of a buyer. After transferring colleges, four years later did get my Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a specialization in Fashion Merchandising. After a few years of working in retail stores, I landed a buyer job in Davenport, Iowa for a large retailer. Many of you may be wondering what does a buyer do? Major role responsibilities include managing inventory levels, calculating and negotiating retails costs, working with external and internal partners to manage floor sets, advertising on large promotions, and strategizing on pricing systems. I enjoyed it, but found myself craving more at some point.

That's when an opportunity arose for my to embark on a journey in Charlotte, North Carolina where I can stretch my career path while live in one of the cities I respected and admired most (ahem, mostly because of the Carolina Panthers). This opportunity within men's merchandising did just that, but after a few years again, I found myself having that same feeling and soul searching for more. I would ask myself "Why don't I love what I do?", or "Why am I not fulfilled"? I remember specifically one day coming home and writing down all of my ideas for this unheard of youth career exploration program.

After three years in Charlotte, I receiving a job offer in my hometown of Rochester, New York, I knew it was the right time to make a move. I had traveled across the country a few times, met some great people and had some amazing experiences - both career wise and personally. However, I was getting a calling to move back to upstate NY. With this move, I started on a journey in a new industry in manufacturing as a buyer.

Fast forward to a time where I again wanted and craved something else. I came across my handwritten note of ideas though my move back and knew this was time to act.


Let's not let good get in the way of better, let's shy away from comfortability. I am 100% motivated by self growth and development to help others. I am beyond exciting to share stories, bring experiences to light on what is out there for our future generation instead of struggling like so many do. Let's find your real dream and passion!


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