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Creating a career pathway for those struggling to find clarity on their career journey. This unique exploration program focuses on a variety of strength, aptitude, and personality tests to take each client through an understanding of themselves, career options that are aligned specifically for them.

The first step in career clarity is gaining the understanding of one's self. I truly believe that when you know your core values, unique strengths, and interests, designing a career path comes naturally and cohesively with who you are.

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If you have found yourself reading this, you most likely have some level of passion for personal and career development such as myself. So, how did I get here? 

I was living in Charlotte, NC and had been struggling with the "it" feeling I was reluctant to feel from my alleged dream job. Everything looked great on paper, but I was feeling off; misaligned rather and knew I needed to change something.


Since my college days, I aspired to be a buyer in the fashion industry. I was good at math, enjoyed the latest trends, and had a business mindset at a young age. This seemed to be a good fit...right? After working my way up through store retail into a corporate setting, I was beyond excited to be given the opportunity as a buyer with a large retailer. Fast forward a couple of years...I had made two cross country moves at this point (not knowing a soul each time) developing my buyer career and expanding my knowledge in the retail industry, I struggled to find my purpose. This was not it. One day I came home and had an idea - what if we had better tools and exposure for those to understand what is out there from the start? What if we could help people not only explore career options, but ensure the field they are about to get into makes sense for them? From them on, I decided I was going all in to help others find their alignment and finally get the clarity I was so desperately seeking. And hello, Tailored Careers was born!

Since then, I have helped clients go from feeling misaligned, frustrated, and stuck to having a clear, confident path forward that makes sense for them as an individual. We do this together through identifying your core values, unique skillset, personality, and of course key interests. All of these combined are the keys to unlocking your path; and one of fulfillment. 


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